There are Many Opportunities at Bethel!

Bethel is known as a church on the move! There is always something going on! Our main event each week is our worship service, but there are many other opportunities to grow in your faith, join others in mission, fellowship, and have fun being a believer in Jesus Christ. Did we say anything about eating? Yes indeed! We do our fair share of getting together to enjoy a good meal! We love to have a good time, and it is a regular occurrence at Bethel to hear people laughing and having fun. We really enjoy being Christians! And, we enjoy each other. Hey, there is always room for just one more! Come on out!

We want to share with you a sampling of some of the things that you might experience in the life of the church at Bethel.

Bus Trips

We have been known to charter a big coach and head off to Sight and Sound. We love getting together and offering the opportunity to watch the Bible come alive on the stage. Why, even some of our folks have headed out by bus to the National Youth Conference out in Colorado! Talking about a trip!

Bible Studies

We offer a Journey of Faith to help strengthen your faith! You can learn more about this ministry at .

We also provide Bible Studies in Small Groups after worship and at various times throughout the week.

Christmas at Bethel

Advent is a blessed time with new opportunities to worship Jesus. Christmas sparkles at Bethel. We decorate a tree, set out a beautiful nativity scene, and plan special events to worship the newborn KING OF KINGS. We love Christmas…we think you will too! A highlight each year is our annual candlelight service. We are looking forward to a new play for us this year, “Christmas at Home.”

Baptisms at Bethel

As you can see from these pictures, baptisms are very special at Bethel. We take seriously our baptismal vows and believe that all baptized believers are called by God to carry forth Jesus’ ministry!

Love Feast

What an opportunity to worship! We gather for about a two hour service once each year on Maundy Thursday. We observe communion, foot-washing as a symbol of our humility and service, a simple meal like what we imagine Jesus must have enjoyed with his disciples, the reading and exposition of scripture, and prayers. We always leave in love with Jesus and each other—that is why it is called Love Feast!

Easter Sunrise Service with Friends

We take turns hosting the Sunrise Easter Service at Pine Grove, Linville Creek, and Bethel. After the Sunrise Service we enjoy a wonderful breakfast with our friends. When it is our turn to host, we have the perfect spot to see the sunrise over the mountains. What a wonderful service each year!

Fellowship Meals

Did someone say something about eating? The Bethel cooks are simply some of the best in the world. We will find any excuse we can to get together and enjoy a good meal. We also enjoy the fellowship of working together in the kitchen.

Senior Saints Ministry

We love our Super Seniors! We actively visit the elderly and shut-ins of our church and our Pastor offers a weekly Bible Study (seasonal) for our Super Seniors. We also go on outings and we get involved in serving the Lord!

Outreach Locally

Bethel takes seriously the command of Christ to love each other. We are involved in many different outreach projects, both locally and abroad: At home, we are ministering to our homeless community, helping kids in our local schools, building homes through Habitat for Humanity, and many other projects to help others. We believe that the heart of Jesus is to lift up the fallen. We like to help spread the Gospel of Jesus in word and in deeds!

Missions Globally

Jesus said in Mark 16:15, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” We take active part in the Church of the Brethren’s global mission through Disaster Relief, workcamps, and many other global ministries of the Church of the Brethren. Click here to learn more

We also support missionaries in Zimbabwe and Peru. “Father’s Heart Ministry,” led by Missionary Jim Musaka, is a dynamic ministry in Zimbabwe that is focused on preaching the gospel of Christ and taking care of orphans and widows (James 1:26). “Hrt4Peru” is helping to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to San Ramón, Peru. Our missionary, Stephanie Crawford, has joined with Peruvian Pastor Jorge Sipion and his wife Charo in their local church, Jesucristo El Señor Church.

Picnics, Ice Cream Socials, and Outdoor Fun

We are also blessed with some of the most beautiful property in Rockingham County. Our fore-parents gave us a wonderful setting and we so enjoy it! We have a beautiful view of the mountains—in front of us and behind us. Our picnic pavilion provides an excellent place to get together.

Joy Rides

A couple of times a year, folks at Bethel invite their friends and we head off to enjoy a Sunday afternoon Joy Ride! We venture out to a beautiful spot, meander around, and usually end up sharing a meal somewhere special. Motorcycles, jeeps, antique cars, convertibles, or just regular everyday cars… ZOOM… “Was that the pastor that just zipped by?”

Special Music

Music is a very important part of our worship. We have a Praise Team, a Choir, several pianists and guitar players. We love to worship with old favorites, praise choruses, contemporary songs, and music that glorifies God!

Western Day

Our pastor lived in Texas when he was growing up. “You can get a boy out of Texas, but you can’t get the Texas out of the boy!” So, we humor him every once in a while and wear our western clothes and have a wonderful round-up day!


See our special Youth Page for some of the exciting things that we do with our Youth!