Young people are welcome at Bethel! In fact, young people are a big deal at Bethel! We absolutely love kids and we go out of our way to help train our youth to be followers of Jesus Christ.


Vacation Bible School is a very special time around Bethel. We enjoy a family style meal, songs, games, crafts, and Bible Story time.

National Youth Conference

National Youth Conference (NYC) provides high school aged students and their advisors the chance to gather for a week of fellowship, worship, workshops, recreation and more! Click on this link to learn more!

Brethren Woods Camp

The Brethren have our own, beautiful camp close by at Brethren Woods. This camp is sponsored by our District and offers many opportunities each year for the youth and all ages!

Small Groups and Children’s Church

We take time to teach our children the Word of God. Our teachers creatively share the Love of God and the Bible Stories with our children and Youth.

Children’s Activities

Teen Activities

Youth Night

The second Wednesday of each month is Youth Night. We come together at 6:30 for a wonderful meal and then divide in age groups to have fun! Basketball, 4 Square, Playground, Golf, Chase, Kick-ball, and a variety of other games are likely to break out! Adults like to play too! Inside, we have Ramp Bowling, Dodgeball, and other games when the weather is really cold or rainy. After a time of fun, there is always a “God and I” time, where we sit down for a little while and study the Bible together. Many of our adults are involved, and our pastor and his wife are always right in the thick of the action. It is a fun night we look forward to!

Children’s Story

The adults enjoy the Children’s Story just as much as the kids. Several times a month, we gather down front to listen to a Children’s Story during the worship service.

Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat has taken on many different forms through the years. Sometimes we have a fall party with food and games. Sometimes just the treats. But always, there are trunks filled with decorations and candy for the kids. This event is a lot of fun and offers good fellowship and a positive environment for our kids to trick or treat!


There is not a more beautiful setting than where our playground is located. Great views of the mountains! The playground is right beside the picnic pavilion, and close by to the Cross where we celebrate sunrise service on Easter Sunday. The community children are always welcome to come play. We just ask that all youth have adult supervision for everyone’s safety. Please note: our property is under 24 hour video surveillance for security reasons.